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About Watauga

  1. We offer knowledge, consulting, training, products, and ah-ha’s.
  2. We inspire leadership, power, transformation, creativity, innovation, and system-change.
  3. We emphasize strengths, synergies, engagement, discipline, love, and joy.
  4. We work with governments, non-profits, NGO’s, and for-profits serious about lasting peace, health, wellbeing, equality, freedom, and vitality for all.

Values and Commitments

    • Watauga Values:
      • Stay open and curious
      • Follow strengths and passions
      • Love yourself and others
      • Lean into hope, vision, and transformation


    • Watauga Guarantees:
      • True collaboration
      • Excellent information
      • Rich conversations
      • Meaningful results
      • Nudges when needed
      • Laughter ’cause it helps
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